Disclaimer: This is not intended in any way to mock the blog page by Ice.

It was around the time when i started in this wiki that i came across the cutely designed base called True Love. In the conversation, I read that it was designed by a forumer named Altrer and was not intended to be of that level defenses or low HQ, which someone who sees it on the map can easily destroy with Barrage and artillery. It was sad that True love was that weak. I had grown out of the level True love appears and levelled up my NPCs a bit and then it was kind of fading into a memory.

How the Old true love was
30True Love

Old True Love

Then it came, the June 2015 update. After updating the app i log in and first thing i see is a new NPC spawn and voila! it is true love (level 43). I was like "Was SC kind of eavesdropping on the discussions on wiki where we discussed the possibility of having more difficult "True Love"s?" . I spend no time in scouting the base to see the levels and i was simply overwhelmed seeing level 1 rocket launchers on the base. My little tanks couldn't take then anyways, and by experience i learned if i cut too many tanks i wont reach much farther, medics just get killed and less firepower meant more time to take RL. I was kind of leaving it for a while there till i level up a bit.


This is what i saw first after update...

Then SC decides to poke me again, i get 45 and 46. Alright i needed to regroup and think on it as my NPC population was becoming more and more filled with rocket launchers in heart shape with Mine arrows. SO i decided to try smokey Warrior and it worked. It was not very hard really. I was just admiring the beauty i guess. I was a bit relaxed to see it. But SC has not given up yet. Now i have a 47 on it with a couple of level 3 rocket launchers now. Will keep it for a while before taking it out... i like seeing that base... 1 spot can always be reserved for "True Love" :)


Find the level 3 rocket launchers in this one :)

EDIT: There is a True love 48, with 29 level 3 rls and 4 level 4 rls. will upload a picture for that sometime

Dedicated to Altrer and written for fun :)


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