@WikiaContrib and @MagmaHound. I guess that we are discussing RBs because we are just having fun. I crushed my one and the only ice BH MP at around HQ 19 and has not made any ice guardians or MPs since then. I also have not attacked RBs since about that time (well, maybe with just a very few exceptions). Since the beginning of December I barely boosted as after maxing out primary, secondary, etc... offense for HQ 20 the ride to XP 59 was supposed to be very long, boring, and easy. I never boosted just for Dr. T.. The first six stages can be cleared with any maxed out for HQ 20 troops without a blink and so it is only stage 7 that requires some thinking. But it makes no sense for me to boost just for stage 7 in order to get one guaranteed crystal! 

Current (March 2016) update introduced so many expensive upgrades that even at full boost, including boosted 50% RR MP, it takes almost an hour non-stop to clear enough bases for an upgrade. My primary attack troops are 3 Sco 9 + 2 LCs of Heavies 21 + 3 LCs of Zookas 20, my warriors lag behind, and tanks are still level 1. I do building (LC 21 for now) and armory upgrades at the same time and so the next such upgrade can only be done once in about 4 days. 

Then I reload hooka and attack in OP. Granted, I could have taken a few RBs witih the primary troops while full boost burns but I think that I already spend too much time in the game :(( I do not think that I will touch RBs untill I max out the offense for HQ 22. I am currently at XP 55.25 and at around 800-840 VPs.

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