General Information

  • Victory Points represent the success of your campaign.
  • The game's Matchmaking system, Rank System, and Leaderboards are based off Victory Points.
  • The game also provides Daily Rewards and Supply Chests based on Victory Points to encourage liberating more islands.
  • There is an Achievement called War Hero for achieving certain amounts of Victory Points.


Victory Points also determine your rank.

Main article: Rank

Ways to Lose and Gain Victory Points

Event Victory Point Change
NPC Blackguard Base Destroyed 1 or 2 Medal gained
Player Mercenary Base Destroyed 2 Medal gained
Resource Base Won 1 Medal gained
Chest Found by Exploring (when opened, first time only) 1 Medal gained
Lt. Hammerman Base Destroyed 5 Medal gained
Dr. T's level 10 or 20 Base Destroyed 5 Medal gained
Dr. T Event Base Destroyed no change
Colonel Gearheart's level 45 War Factory destroyed 5 Medal gained
Colonel Gearheart's level 90 War Factory event no change
Power Base destroyed no change
Hammerman Strikes Back Defeat no change
Hammerman Strikes Back Victory no change
Imitation Stage cleared no change
Mega Crab or Mega Turtle Stage cleared no change
Blackguard or Mercenary Invasion 1 Medal lost
Resource Base Lost 1 Medal lost
Home Base Destroyed 1 Medal lost

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